Rallies are continuing for all ages.
Check the online page for dates as they come up.

Entries must be booked in on line in advance.  Please click the entry button below to book in! Rallies are the backbone of each pony club.  You must attend two rallies to be eligible to come to Camp. Please note that you must be booked in, no member can just turn up on the day of the Rally.

DRESS CODE :Pony Club attire.i.e Limerick Pony Club jersey or t shirt and hat silk.

                            Jodphurs must be Beige/Cream/White

                            Hats and back protectors to current standards MUST be worn.See link above important news and information or check Irish Pony Club website.

HORSES AND PONIES: Must be at least 5 years and have been ridden regularly by the member.

                            NO SCHOOLING of unknown horses or ponies.

                            Any change of horse or pony MUST be approved by the DC or his/her deputy.

VENUES :          Please be respectful of our hosts and their property.Ride only in designated areas with your instructor.

INSTRUCTORS:Please be respectful of our Instructors.

                             Parents must not interfere with the lesson and keep a respectful distance.

                             We will endeavor to keep the ratio of 8 children to 1 instructor.Please book in on time as we do not wish to turn anyone way.